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Since 1982, King Solar has been installing high-quality solar energy systems throughout South and Central Kansas. Our attention to detail and excellent customer service has earned us a strong reputation for designing, installing, and maintaining dependable and efficient solar electric systems.


From the Flint Hills to western Kansas and all along the I-135 corridor, we install a variety of solar systems for residential and small commercial applications. We use state-of-the-art solar panel and inverter technology with competitive warranties to protect your solar energy investment for many years. King Solar can design and tackle complex installation. We stand behind our work.


A variety of businesses throughout South and Central Kansas are lowering their operating costs with clean solar power. Generating power on-site minimizes the impact of rising energy costs, resulting in greater savings over time. Attractive tax credits and equipment depreciation lower business tax liability. There are also grants for agricultural and small rural business available in some locations.


Every solar system we install is custom designed to produce the greatest value to our customers. King Solar only installs the best components for a given job, after taking home energy consumption, house layout, shading from trees and buildings, and project budget into consideration.


With a remarkable ability to dramatically lower your carbon footprint and cut or virtually eliminate your electric bill, solar is becoming more popular around the world. The price of solar components has fallen considerably in recent years, as the technology has become more efficient. A federal tax credit on residential and commercial solar systems makes solar project much more affordable. Now is a great time to go solar!


Our customers praise the high level of professionalism and customer service they experience when working with King Solar.  King Solar’s crew of dedicated professionals ensure that industry best practices are followed for efficient and reliable solar energy systems.