King Solar has 34 years of experience and one of the few NABCEP-certified solar installers in  South Central Kansas. Our customers can rest assured, knowing their solar systems are designed and installed right. King Solar’s goal is to make going solar a simple and exciting home improvement project. We take care of everything on your behalf, from beginning to end.


Call King Solar today and we can give you a rough estimate over the phone of both system cost and solar energy production. We use satellite images and historic electricity usage data from power bills to properly size a solar system. King Solar representatives can also explain to you how the federal tax credit can lower your total system cost by 30%.


A King Solar energy expert will then visit your South Central Kansas home to take measurements, determine exactly where your solar panels and components will be located, and to answer any questions you may have. Our past customers appreciate that we answer questions honestly, as we are passionate about educating people about solar energy. We believe in treating all customers with respect and this is evident in our consistent pricing.


It typically takes four to eight weeks from the time a new customer signs a contract to the solar system installation. Many of our customers are surprised how quickly their solar system is installed, with minimum disturbance to the home. The majority of the work is performed outside, as we mount your new solar panels on the roof. We always attach the panel racking system properly, for maximum durability, and we have a NABCEP-certified installer on-site during installation to ensure that best practices are always followed.


King Solar customers are delighted to see the dramatic reduction in electric bills that results from installing a solar system. Your home will consume the power generated by the solar system first, dramatically reducing the amount of power you pull from the power grid. When your solar system is producing more clean energy than your home is using, it feeds excess power to the electric grid. In addition, a federal tax credit can reduce the total system cost by 30%. Call us today to find out how much you can save on your electric bills with a clean solar energy system.

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Dennis Thrower

I wanted to take a minute and let others know about King Solar. Our relationship began In 2012 with King Solar educating my wife and I on the different options for solar systems. They took all the time we needed and answered all our questions. The time they took made us very comfortable with installing a system and having King solar as our installers. Installation was professional and prompt. Most importantly to me has been the service after the sale. Mark has been very responsive to all request for information and resolving any problems that have occurred. If you are considering a solar system you can't go wrong with King Solar.