By KINGSOLAR | Published: March 14, 2016

Save Energy, Save Money

There are many actions people can take to reduce the energy consumptions of their homes. For Southern & Central Kansas families who want to produce as much of their own energy as possible, this is an important step before going solar. Energy efficiency can save money in the long run because it enables you to install a smaller solar system. Give these tips a try to cut your energy bills:

1. Weatherize Your Home

Is your home drafty in the winter, or do you have uneven temperatures throughout your home? If so, weatherizing your home may help, especially in our Southern Kansas climate. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), most homes are not properly insulated or air sealed. Installing weather strips for doors, air sealing all gaps and cracks, and upgrading insulation can make a big difference on your energy bills, while boosting your home value.

By KINGSOLAR | Published: March 14, 2016

Solar Power in Severe Weather: Hail, Wind, & More

It is common to get several hailstorms a summer in our South Central Kansas climate. Because home and business owners want to make sure that solar energy is a safe investment for their properties for decades to come, weather damage is one of the first concerns that comes to mind for potential customers when thinking about installing a solar system.

Choosing Durable Solar Panels

Thankfully, solar panels are highly durable and hail damage is extremely rare. Some solar professionals will even joke that solar panels are a great way to protect the roof from hail damage because panels are typically designed for extreme weather, while roof shingles commonly need to be replaced after a severe hailstorm.

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