Jenny Jull-Sullivan and Blair Sullivan are the owners of Blair Doon Veterinary Hospital in Wichita, Kansas. The hospital uses a lot of electricity to wash and dry linens, run diagnostic and grooming equipment, power lights, and run air conditioning.


Jenny and Blair had already explored how to make the hospital more energy efficient and wanted to take it to the next level. Their goal was to make the veterinary hospital more sustainable and environmentally friendly with the use of renewable energy, while at the same time making a smart financial investment.

“We’ve always been interested in doing the right thing for the environment and reducing our own carbon footprint,” says Sullivan. “We knew it wasn’t feasible without a huge array [because the veterinary hospital uses a lot of electricity]. “Mark [King Solar’s owner] did a great job of presenting to Jenny and I. When I did more research about environmentally-friendly electricity generation, it was clear that photovoltaics were the way to go.”


Although Jenny and Blair wanted to reduce their carbon footprint, they didn’t want a renewable energy system that would require regular repairs and maintenance. They considered installing a small wind turbine, but eventually decided that solar electricity would better serve their needs.

A roof-mounted solar system is simpler and easier to install than a wind turbine, which would have required a cement slab to ensure stability during the windy and extreme weather conditions that are common in South Central Kansas. King Solar secured the solar racking system to the building structure and not merely the roof sheathing. This provides a high level of durability and safety, even during high-speed winds.

“I’m a mechanical person and I’ve been around airplanes all my life,” says Blair. “I understand that even the best mechanical systems break. I knew there would be maintenance in a wind turbine. It also would have been much more expensive to put in a wind turbine with the same capacity as our solar system. We can expand our solar system in the future if we wish to increase its capacity. When I did more research about environmentally-friendly electricity generation, it was clear that photovoltaics (or solar electricity) was the way to go.”


The Sullivans were very satisfied with the quality of service they received from Mark at King Solar when they were researching renewable energy systems. “He is very straightforward, objective, and courteous,” explains Blair. “I couldn’t imagine a better sales presentation. He had all the answers and if he didn’t know something, then he would check and call me back. He is a quality guy.”

Blair Doon Veterinary Hospital is now the happy owner of a 14.9  kilowatt solar system. The roof-mounted system with a string inverter was designed and installed by King Solar in October of 2015. Jenny and Blair can monitor live and historic solar system output data online. The system also qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit, significantly reducing the total system cost.




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Mark and his team were professional, prompt, and extremely helpful in explaining the setup and deployment of our rooftop solar panels. They also showed up to do the installation as promised and completed the entire project on time and on budget. If you want to install solar panels on your home or business, this is definitely the company you want to have do it. I give them my highest recommendation, and I am not that easy to please.