King Solar was started in 1982 by Nick King to make clean, renewable energy available in south and central Kansas. Although King Solar has changed over the years as the solar industry matured and shifted, King Solar has maintained the same values. Our company has always valued fair, consistent pricing and treating all customers with a high level of respect. From the Flint Hills to Great Bend and all across south and central Kansas, we install residential and commercial solar systems to help customers meet their renewable energy goals.


During the early 1980s, there was an attractive tax credit available for solar space heating and water heating (or solar thermal) technology. These systems displace the use of electricity and gas, and became popular throughout Southern and Central Kansas. Many of the systems that we installed in the 1980s are still operational to this day.

As solar electricity (or photovoltaic) technology matured, the panels became more efficient and the prices fell significantly over time. The technology has proven itself to be very reliable and virtually maintenance-free, making it a safe investment for south and central Kansas home and business owners.

A new solar tax credit was introduced in the early 2000s and solar once again soared in popularity. The tax credit remains in place today, resulting in significant cost savings to home and business owners alike.


Over the years, King Solar has installed many solar electric systems, saving money on electricity bills and benefitting the environment. In fact, the return on a solar system rivals that of many traditional investments, especially as the cost of electricity goes up.

In 2013, Mark Horst took over as head of operations at King Solar. Mark is a NABCEP Certified Photovoltaic Installation Professional, the most widely-recognized certification in the solar industry. Mark served as an electrical apprentice and brings a wealth of electrical knowledge to every King Solar installation. Mark lives in Yoder, KS with his wife, Kendra, and their two young sons.

Although the solar industry has changed significantly over the years, the values of King Solar have not. The company takes pride in serving Kansas with clean, reliable solar energy systems.




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Dennis Thrower

I wanted to take a minute and let others know about King Solar. Our relationship began In 2012 with King Solar educating my wife and I on the different options for solar systems. They took all the time we needed and answered all our questions. The time they took made us very comfortable with installing a system and having King solar as our installers. Installation was professional and prompt. Most importantly to me has been the service after the sale. Mark has been very responsive to all request for information and resolving any problems that have occurred. If you are considering a solar system you can't go wrong with King Solar.