Martin Family Case Study

The Martin Family Home

After moving into their new home in Derby, Kansas, Kelly and Kim Martin started considering installing a solar system. They were attracted to this option because it is a win-win solution, benefitting air quality and dramatically lowering their electric bill throughout the year.

The Problem: Air Quality in Kansas

Kelly and Kim were concerned about the smog and air quality issues that impact Kansas. The primary sources are coal-fired power plants, vehicle emission, and burning of rangeland in the Flint Hills. Installing a solar system would allow them to produce their own clean energy on their rooftop and save a significant amount of money in the process.

“Everybody in the world burns some sort of fossil fuel, so we should try something different because what we have been doing hasn’t been working,” explains Kelly.

The Solution: A High-Efficiency Home Solar System

Kelly and Kim installed a 7.3 kilowatt solar system on their metal roof. The system has microinverters and system monitoring, enabling them to easily access real-time and historic solar system output data.

Significant Utility Savings

Using solar energy helps make the Martin residence more affordable throughout the year by significantly lowering their electric bill. “Our neighbors pay at least twice or three times as much for electricity than we do, with similarly-sized home,” says Kim.

In fact, their system has been producing more electricity overall than Mark Horst of King Solar estimated. Kelly and Kim were so impressed with the output of their solar system that they are considering adding panels to their system. It is often possible to do this using the existing solar equipment, if it is sized accordingly and there is available space on the roof.

“It might seem strange to upgrade [our solar system] so quickly, but I can see why having more solar panels would be beneficial and save even more money,” says Kelly.

Working with King Solar

Kelly and Kim were very satisfied with King Solar, from start to finish. “When Mark came out to evaluate our property before we decided to install the system, he wasn’t pushy at all,” says Kelly. “He answered questions with hard numbers. Everything he said was right on the money.”

Kelly and Kim were also impressed with the installation process. “Eric, the other solar installer, and the electrician were all very professional and worked very well together,” says Kim. “They even completed the job sooner than expected.” Overall, going solar for the Martins was a breeze. “Mark took care of everything right down to the permits,” Kelly says. “It was probably the easiest home improvement project I’ve ever done!”

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